Weight Loss Program



@Health Dieticians 12 Week Weight loss programme:

Initial Consultation

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To get started with our 12 week weight loss programme, you will see one of our dieticians for a 60 minute consultation. This will include an in depth assessment of medical history, family history, anthropometric measurements, nutritional intake and exercise habits. She will also advise whether any blood tests are necessary.

During this consultation - and also during the follow-up sessions if time permits - extensive nutrition education will be done. Among other, the following topics will be covered:

  • Factors affecting metabolic rate
  • Principles of weight loss
  • Carbohydrate metabolism including role/effects of insulin
  • Improving blood glucose control through adequate and appropriate carbohydrate, fat and protein distribution
  • Planning of and structure in mealtimes
  • Explaining food groups (function of,and optimal choices within each group)
  • An individualised meal plan will be formulated after the initial consultation, to meet your individual nutritional and lifestyle requirements.


Follow up sessions

Every two weeks you will visit the dietician for a weigh-in session. This will be for 6 consecutive weeks following the initial consultation. Any difficulties you may experience or changes that need to be made to the eating plan, will then be discussed.

What is included in our 12 week programme?

7 Consultations including the eating plan (One 60 minutes initial consultation and follow-up 6 Sessions, approx. 30 minutes each)

What is the value and total cost of the 12 week programme?

Initial consultation – value R800
Follow-up sessions – value R350 each

Total value of our 12 week programs: R2950.

Total cost to you for the 12 week programme: R2500 - SAVE R450

Please note: The full R 2500 is payable upfront at your first consultation. The program is only for patients paying cash and can’t be claimed from medical aid

Please contact Dietician At Health for more information, or to sign up for this life changing opportunity.
Warm regards from @Health Centurion Dieticians

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