CKD: Frequently asked questions

What is a renal and clinical dietitian?

renal and_clinical_dieticiansRenal dietitians specialize in nutritional treatment and diet for people with kidney disease. The condition of your kidneys is generally affected by your diet. A renal dietitian is an expert in helping those with renal failure choose the correct type of foods to eat, keep a healthy diet and eliminate the incorrect types of food.

Do i need a Renal Dietician?

When patients are diagnosed with renal failure's and go through dialysis, they are advised or assigned to a renal dietician . The presence of a dietitian can assist in managing your chronic kidney disease by educating you on foods to limit or avoid that may worsen your condition, putting extra stress on your kidneys and causing access fluids. They monitor the intake of foods that mainly contain protein, phosphorus, sodium and potassium.

For more information regarding renal and clinical dieticians contact @Health dieticians on 012 644 1003

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